Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Picture Study 1 - Harvey Eisenberg

Throughout the summer, I'm going to perform studies on as many illustrations as I can, seeing what I can extract from this experience. First picture of "Picture Study 1" is a panel from a comic book illustrated by cartoonist Harvey Eisenberg. Okay, let's get right into critiquing...

- the body needs to be shifted more to the right
- the cage needs to come out more
- feet and hands are too small
- jowls needs to be rounded more
- the horizon line needs to be elevated upwards on the right
- eyes should be more narrow/heightened to enforce expression some more

...and all of this resulted from not applying horizon line FIRST before I draw the entire thing, ha! I should've pinpointed my horizon line in the initial phase before everything else. I think I learned (or now remembering) this specific rule from this very first exercise already! Making some progress, I say!

Alright, onto the next picture...

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